Solar Panels - frequently asked questions

How much does Solar Panel installation cost?

You can get up and running from as little as £4,599 for a 3.6kw system and no battery storage. But not every home's needs are the same. At Greener Future, we tailor each set-up to the home and use-case, so you get the maximum benefit from electricity generated and potentailly sold back to the grid or saved to battery storage for use on a rainy day.  

How long does it take to install Solar Panels?

We can normally book in an installation after a consultation, and within 3-6 weeks. Your actual solar install will take no more than a day or two plus time to install scaffolding or setup of access.

Do I need planning permission to install solar panels?

Generally you don't need planning permission. However, if you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty or conservation area you will need to speak to your local planning authority. Also if your house is listed, you will need to speak to planning and seek approval.

Where do you offer solar panel installation services?

Greener Future cover the South of England including the Isle of Wight (IOW): Dorset, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex and Wiltshire. But do get in touch with us as we have engineers accross the UK who may be able to help.

What if my solar panels break or I have trouble and need support?

We are always at hand to help. At Greener Future we provide Solar Panel Maintainence contracts from as little as £20 per month. So you always have an engineer available for help if you need it.

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