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GivEnergy Solar 

Greener Future are certified GivEnergy installation specialists. GivEnergy Solar benefits include;

  • Charge your home battery using renewables or off-peak grid rates
  • Use the energy stored to cheaply power your home
  • And run it on completely sustainable energy

Get up and runing from as little as £4,799 and 3 days setup.

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Energy Savings

  • Draw power from your solar panels, or from the grid using off-peak overnight tariffs. 
  • Choose how the power is used to meet the energy needs of your home.
  • And save up to 85% on your energy bills.

Energy Freedom

  • Charge your battery when energy is cheapest. 
  • Use it to power your home when the energy tariff is most expensive.
  • And reduce not only the cost of your energy bill, but your dependency on the grid. 

Energy Choice

  • Couple your property installation plans with your energy-saving goals. 
  • Match the specific power needs of your home to your battery and inverter.
  • And choose an installation system tailored to your lifestyle. 


Customising Your Battery Choice

The power needs of your home are specific to you. Your home installation needs the right battery capacity and size choice to meet them. And whilst every GivEnergy battery offers something different, every single one is:

Durable Designed for minimal heat build-up and maximum longevity to efficiently power your home. 

Sustainable – Sourced from fully recyclable, non-flammable, non-toxic parts that are ethically sourced and cobalt-free. 

Economical – Equipped with round trip efficiency of 93% to give you superior energy retention and performance.

Lasting - Tough enough to power unlimited cycles over 10 years.

Powerful - Made of high-capacity, energy-dense cells. 

A Greener Future expert will help you to assess your power needs, talk you through the benefits of each option, and recommend the best choice.  


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Choosing Your Inverter

A GivEnergy inverter connects your solar PV, storage battery, and home. 

It acts as the brain of your system, converts the current from DC to AC, and maximises your power output. 

AC Coupled Inverter

An AC coupled inverter is best suited to homes with an existing solar setup.

Upgrade your installation. 

Increase your energy storage capacity. 

And create a smart system able to store and release energy for the best rates and returns.  

AC Coupled Benefits

Versatile – Able to work alongside retrofits, new solar projects, and standalone batteries alike.

Co-operative – Doesn’t require changes to either your solar panels or any Feed in Tariffs.

Scalable – Expands your setup as needed and even support a microgrid or 3-phase system.

Clean – Designed to minimise energy import and export for grid-neutrality.

Fine-crafted – Constructed to be compact, lightweight, and able to live indoors or outdoors.

Hybrid Inverter

A Hybrid Inverter is best suited to customers at the start of their renewable energy journey. 

Get the most out of your new system.

Maximise the efficiency of its energy performance.

And get the highest possible savings on your energy bills.

Hybrid Benefits

Affordable – Made to ensure clean energy is accessible to everyone. 

Efficient – Capable of meeting the energy needs of the modern home, with discharge rates of up to 11 kWh.

Robust – Designed to resist water, dust, and the weather.

Connected - Able to link with your Wi-Fi and LAN to give you a hard-wired network connection.

Sleek - Compact, sleek, and stylish. 

The Best of Both Worlds

The All in One system couples groundbreaking battery and inverter technology and combines them into one integrated product. 

The All in One delivers an enormous 13.5 kWh.

Achieves the highest possible output from your installation.

And powers your home for a fraction of the cost.

For a closer look at everything GivEnergy has to offer, please download the GivEnergy Product Brochure [~9MB].

Greener Future

Clean Energy Generation

leaf Live data

UK Average

~ 0 hours of daylight charging

0kwh This could be a value saving of: £ today

*based on UK average sunrise at 00:00, sunset at 00:00
and UK average kwh cost of £0.34p

Energy Generated

All Greener Future installations combined**

91,515.30kw Storage:24,406.30kw, To Grid:26,930.00kw

** based on GivEnergy batteries only, the figure is actually higher.

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